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Alhadi Quran Academy Ramadan Courses

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Now you can easily get religious and spiritual education while being at home. You can get your children learned of TAJWEED, QIRAT, YASSARNAL-QURAN, Performing NAAT/NOHA/QASEEDA, Arabic, Persian, ASOOL O AQAID and all Islamic practices at the time of your ease.


You should have a computer, internet connection, mic/head phone and if number of children is more than one then a speaker may also be arranged. You donít need to go anywhere. Operating your computer is the responsibility of teacher, and he will do it as he is sitting there, where actually he will be online. Children will see their lesson at their computer screen, where mouse will be pointing to lesson word by word. Communication (voice) will be clear.

So in this new era to save your time, get the services of a registered institute ďAlhadi Quran AcademyĒ where there are spiritually and ethically perfect skillful teachers. Here your children will learn a lesson in just 20 minutes where they will get more time if they go to mosque or somewhere else. As there a child gets just 5 or 10 minutes, and here it gets full time with full attention, with an expert scholar. Also children donít make mischief here as they are in one to one connection with their teacher. Also the time say half an hour that a child spends in preparation and travelling will spend in study. Child is learnt of ethics of being present in lesson, as he is present in front of God like in mosque. So he will perform ablution and other things before attending the class.

Children are naughty but it is upon teacher that how he controls them. When you make your children sit online for learning you will see the result in just 3 days are in a week, that how much speedily they have learned. You child will be in dual invigilation i.e. of teacher and parent, and you will see it different among other children of society in just a month.

The children taking education here will become doctor and engineer tomorrow along with which they can be scholar also. So they will be proud of their parent and teachers and will be a good member of society.

However this is the time to act that they pay us attention this time. As the people say that the children today donít pay attention to their elders, but it is our fault. This goal can be achieved only by affiliation with a proper institute. This is the time to give them proper atmosphere. It is the atmosphere that grooms the personalities. For example if you grow a plant of tomato and pray to get mangos from it, it is impossible.

Class is 5 days a week. One who wants to have a class on Saturday and Sunday are also welcome. In future these children can go and study at Qom and Najaf. They will have grip on Arabic, Persian, English and Urdu. Along with their master degree they will be a scholar also, that will form their own college and universities and other institutes.

Al-Hadi quran academy charges very nominally. First 3 days are free or on trial basis.